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How does the license system work?

You can use our theme for one store if you purchase one license. You can transfer that license to another store later, just one store at a time!

You will need more licenses if you want to run more than one store simultaneously.


Why is Shrine better than other themes?

Shrine stands out from the competition by offering up to 70+ premium features, exceptional ease of customization, and unparalleled support. With a one-time payment, you'll enjoy a user-friendly experience, a responsive design, and an exclusive Discord support server, making it the ultimate choice for your online store's success.


Are there regular updates?

Absolutely. Shrine's team of expert developers is continually working on new apps, improving features, and fixing bugs—so you'll have the best Shrine experience possible. You can request features you want in our Discord support server.


Why is Shrine not in the Shopify Store?

Listing Shrine on the Shopify theme store has its benefits, but Shrine is much more than a mere theme. Our aim is to assist clients in creating a professional and highly effective online store. Being confined to the Shopify App Store restricts our capabilities with Shrine. Consequently, we established Shrine independently of the Shopify store. It's comparable to having your own brand on a dedicated platform instead of being just another name within Amazon.


Is Shrine safe to use?

At Shrine Solutions, ensuring the security of your data is our utmost concern. Shrine requires only the "manage permissions" to integrate with your Shopify store and does not access any customer data.


Will Shrine work with third-party apps and plugins?

Shrine is designed to be compatible with many popular third-party apps and plugins. However, we recommend checking with the app or plugin developer to ensure compatibility before installation.


Is this theme mobile-friendly?

Yes, Shrine is responsive, ensuring optimal performance and user experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets. With a score of almost a 10/10 you can't go wrong.


Do I need any coding experience to customize the theme?

No, Shrine is designed to be user-friendly, and no coding experience is required to customize it to your needs.



What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


Do you offer a free trial for Shrine?

We currently do not offer a free trial for Shrine. However, we are actively working on developing a free trial option to provide potential customers with the opportunity to experience our theme before making a purchase. Stay tuned for updates!


How much does Shrine theme cost?

All of our digital products are available for a one-time payment. Please visit our website for the latest pricing details.


What kind of support is provided with the purchase of Shrine?

We offer 1 year of support with your purchase, including updates and bug fixes, to ensure your theme runs smoothly.


Are there any additional fees or recurring payments after purchasing Shrine?

No, there are no additional fees or recurring payments. Your one-time payment covers the theme's cost, updates, and 1 year of support.

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